Guidelines for Botswana nationals

Visiting India

Visa Requirements
  • Botswana nationals require a visa to visit India. It can be obtained from the High Commission of India in Gaborone or any nearest Indian Consulate.
  • The Indian authorities are very strict with the validity of the visa. Visitors are only permitted to stay in India for the duration of their visa. If visitors intend to stay beyond the validity of their visa an extension should be sought in advance. The process can be time consuming. 
  •  If the visitor has a Tourist visa, it cannot be changed to another category nor can you extend your stay unless there is a credible reason (e.g. illness).
  • If the visitor overstays beyond the validity of his/her visa, Indian laws stipulate that he/she is subject to being arrested. The legal system is very lengthy, so please be attentive to your visa validity.
Health Precautions

  • Visitors are who have recently visited yellow fever endemic countries are encouraged to go for yellow fever vaccination before coming to India. Make sure to keep the vaccination card on your person when you travel as you are required to produce it on demand by Indian authorities at the point of entry.
  •  Other health issues to be concerned with include hepatitis, malaria and TB. It is recommended that vaccinations be obtained where possible.
  • Summer heat can be severe.
Registration of Botswana Nationals

  •  The High Commission maintains a database of Botswana Nationals in India to facilitate the Mission’s outreach programmes, while not mandatory, registration is strongly recommended.
  • See the Downloads section of this website for Botswana Nationals Registration form.

Indian Immigration Issues

Registration at Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

  •  Visitors staying longer than 180 days in India are required to register with the nearest FRRO within 14 days of arrival. There are penalties for late registration.
  • It is advisable to constantly update the FRRO of your whereabouts especially if you move residences, intend to travel out of India and move to another city within India.
  •  It is advisable to keep copies of all correspondence given by the FRRO in some case of loss of information.
  • FRROs are located in the Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Amritsar. In cities where there is no FRRO, you are to report to the District Superintendent of Police.

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